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Real sincere host of Balinese

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Every home stay host ,will provide you with their hospitality from their heart and complemented by a sincere Balinese smile. All these are now yours to experience. Not in ordinary vacation packages but with the Tabanan home stay program.


How to get Tabanan Bali
 All bemos and buses between Denpasar and Gilimanuk are stop at main Terminal ( Pesiapan ) Tabanan. The bemo terminal in the town centre has transport to the main terminal and the villages. Here you are looks for the way to Hot Spring, and the road to the left before the hot spring are the homestay program located. Exactly at Br. Ngis Kelod, Village of Jegu in Tabanan regency Bali. It's a friendly and sincere place, ideal base for exploring the central Bali area. Before hand you may have to contact us trough for further information.

Let's play now in the fields of the Lords

Photographes courtesy of  Skeety