Balinese Traditional  Homestay 

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No crowded, nature air-condition with fresh wind blow from the terraced rice field avoid any stress and to fresh of your soul, no hotels and no gratuities. And this is the most exciting holiday program the people look for. You will get what you want in real adventure holiday.

Do you want to know more deep about way of life the Balinese family and how their daily activity? Letís get mingle now and donít waste your time & spending money to get nothing. Why donít you try to take the home stay program with their extraordinary value ? Here you can be even a farmer today and a Balinese dancer in the next day. This unique program is designed for you to let you be what you want to be in your holidays and what you want to see with the real Balinese family.

That's not enough - you can get new experience and adventure true the traditional Balinese village life with their traditional culture, rich in making offering and the ceremony. The most interesting one is playing Balinese bamboo flute or get natural sound with our "Rindik" music. Letís take and play at your harmony. Here you have opportunity to know more about the Balinese way of life. Have you been hear the Balinese traditional food? You can try a hand at our Balinese delicious food which all well prepared by Balinese best and with itís best way to serving you.


Photographes courtesy of  ”  Skeety