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Village  History

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The name of  Jegu is coming from word roots "Rajeg-Uru" which  after several year become one call "Rajeguru", and popular call with Jegu now.  The meaning of  "Rajeg-uru" is taken from the Balinese transcript named " War between Penebel kingdom with Tabanan empire"  which clearly by the Village ancestor and the villages community story.  A long time ago when the Kingdom of Panjisakti from Buleleng attack Tabanan  empire, on that time Tabanan was under the authority of Magada Sakti kingdom and the Tabanan Kingdom hear that the Penebel kingdom has cooperation with  the  Dauh Pala district to attack Tabananan. Magada Sakti command his Captain named  Bendesa Mas Nyoman to spy the Penebel kingdom. He was stay at the big forest  call Rajeg-uru and now become  Jegu Village on first time  headed by Bendesa Mas Nyoman for the appreciation of Tabanan empire for his hero while the war between the Tabanan empire with the Penebel kingdom was wined  by Tabanan Empire around  the year of 1507.


This village is located 11 km from the Tabanan town which   344,150 Ha. Most of the village people working as farmer plant paddy, corn, potatoes, and vegetables also the other kind of the farm planted. Located 300 meter above the sea level make this village cold and suitable for the farm. The fertility of the land in this village is variable from  each district which have two season : dry season and rainy season and the temperature  is between 28 - 34 degree Celsius.  

Eco tourism

Now we are developing new atmosphere in tourism that bring the guest into real Bali and let's mingle with the local people and we preserve the environment as well to protect our nature and also the guest can learn the Balinese cultural day by day when staying with local people hosting and let's exchange the knowledge between each other. We provide our nature to explore and to be known by the visitor who really want to know of  the real and get in touch with the real Balinese life. We are waiting for your coming and let we be one in the world.

Photographes courtesy of  Skeety